Wage & Hour Consultant and FLSA Expert

Wage & Hour Consulting Services


William “Bill” J. Cutler, Jr., SCP, offers a unique skill set comprised of twenty-four years of outstanding performance as a Compliance Specialist for the U. S. Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division and an additional ten years of highly successful performance as a Compensation Analyst specialist within the human resource profession. Mr. Cutler’s unique skill set has proven invaluable to clients.

 Cutler Consulting Services is able to provide the following services to clients:

  Audit of basic compensation programs and compliance with the FLSA;
  Analysis of position descriptions;
  Audit of the Human Resources Personnel Manual;
  Audit of the Company’s Policy Manual;
  Pro-active violation avoidance counseling;
  Specialized training;
  Audits of any federally funded contract under the Davis-Bacon Act and Service Contract Act;
  Audit of the status of all Fair Labor Standards Act exemptions.


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